What is the Literacy Campaign for Monterey County?

The Literacy Campaign for Monterey County is a nonprofit with the sole purpose of building a vibrant coalition of community members who will work tirelessly to bring literacy to all Monterey County residents.

Who is behind the Literacy Campaign for Monterey County?

 The Literacy Campaign was conceptualized, and the nonprofit established, by the Community Foundation for Monterey County and an advisory board in 2010.   Funding grants from the Community Foundation and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation provide four years of baseline funding for the launch of the Campaign that began in 2011.  The United Way of Monterey County is also partnering with the Campaign and providing in-kind resources.

Why focus on literacy?

Literacy is a key underpinning of an economically healthy and productive society. There is extensive research to support this claim.  A visual example of community impact based on education levels in Monterey County can be viewed at the Common Good Forecaster. Additionally, Professor James J. Heckman (Nobel Memorial Prize winner in Economics, and an expert in the economics of human development) states in his research,

“. . . that early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health from birth to age five greatly impacts success or failure in society.  The most economically efficient time to develop these skills and abilities is in the very early years when developmental education is most effective.”

A variety of studies on this subject are available under the Research tab.

What are the current literacy issues in Monterey County?

Monterey County faces many challenges with basic literacy:

Where will the Campaign focus its time and energy?

The Campaign will be focused on evaluating and addressing the needs of birth through third grade children and their families through 2015. The primary goal is to increase the percent of children who read on grade level by third grade.

How will the mission of the Literacy Campaign be accomplished?

Bringing literacy to Monterey County will be accomplished by:

  • Increasing the community’s awareness of literacy challenges in the county
  • Engaging the community to seek solutions, provide support, contribute financial resources, and volunteer time
  • Increasing access to quality literacy services for all age groups
  • Engaging with public policy in support of literacy
  • Building a strong campaign organization to achieve the Mission of the nonprofit

Does the LCMC have a strategic Plan?

The LCMC Strategic Plan is currently being finalized by the board and will be available soon under the About Us tab.